Toho Wire Netting Co. has been relied upon for more than 80 years as a specialist manufacturer of wire cloth and processed wire cloth items. Since we started operations in 1912, under the motto of quickly providing the products that our customers want we have made great efforts to keep our facilities up to date, maintain thorough quality control and continue developing new products. Today Toho's wire cloth products for use in paper manufacturing and slate have acquired an excellent reputation.
In addition to technological capabilities that can handle many different types of materials including stainless steel, brass and bronze, we have large inventory that permits us to fill orders quickly. We have streamlined our manufacturing process to cut costs, and are continually making changes with our customers' needs in mind. These efforts have permitted us to meet a wide variety of needs for wire cloth, not only in paper manufacture and slate, but also in the chemical industry and automotive equipment. We are the only industry in Western Japan that can make wire cloth up to 5,200mm wide. We are providing high quality products, which have become known for their reliability, to America, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the nations of Oceania.

Representative Hajime Kurushima, Representative Director
Main Factory 6-3, Ao 3-chome, Matsubara City, Osaka
Capital 24,000,000 JPY
Main Banks Sakura Bank, Abeno Branch
Sanwa Bank, Abenobashi Branch
Sumitomo Bank, Matsubara Branch
Factory Area 2,200m2
Employees 30
Products Produced Wire cloth for paper manufacture, slate wire cloth, screen wire cloth
Production and sales of all kinds of wire cloth for industrial applications
Major Equipment 18 weaving machines (maximum width 5,200mm)
1 stretcher (maximum finished width 5,500mm)